Restaurant Review: Yasu

Yasu is a hidden gem in Toronto. This reservation only, 12 person sushi bar is one of its kind.

The menu is very simple. You get 18 pieces of sushi plus dessert, no ordering required. Each piece is exquisite and rests on top of warm, perfectly formed rice, brushed with the chef’s special sauce (customized for each piece). I believe that every bite is a little taste of perfection.

The chefs prepare the sushi right in front of you and are masters of the craft. Their sake offerings are fantastic and they offer rare, hard to find choices.

The waiters walk around with iPad’s to display pictures of what the sushi looks like in its natural form (as a full, living, breathing fish).

The restaurant is located in a house on Harbord street and is very typical of the sushi restaurants that you may find in Tokyo.

TorEats rates Yasu:

Food: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Price: $$$

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