Short & Sweet Cupcakes is Delightful

Situated just north of Lawrence on Avenue Road, Short & Sweet Cupcakes is an inviting dessert shop that offers a variety of sweet treats. These range from cupcakes of varying flavours to crispy rice treats that provide a satisfying crunch with gooey marshmallow fluff nestled throughout.


Surrounded by family restaurants and residential streets, Short & Sweet is the ideal spot for either special occasion desserts or to simply satisfy a sweet craving. The biggest challenge is choosing which dessert to purchase given the beautifully overwhelming display of freshly baked, unique varieties. The classic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are ever so tempting but can be second guessed by the array of other unique creations. These include Dulce de Leche (a vanilla cupcake injected with Dulce de Leche and topped with a rich buttercream frosting) and the One Hundred and One cupcake (an Oreo cupcake topped with Oreo buttercream garnished with a mini Oreo cookie).


Cupcakes are not the only treat this sweet shop has to offer. Sandwich cookies and personal cake jars are also some of Short & Sweet’s specialties. The red velvet “sammie” consists of rich cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between two white-chocolate chunk red velvet cookies. Each bite resembled only what I could imagine heaven to taste like. They had such incredible textures that perfectly contrasted one another.


By offering the promise of 100% nut-free products, Short & Sweet makes for the perfect go-to shop. Whether you are searching for school birthday parties or office events, Short & Sweet guarantees that everyone is able to enjoy these delectable treats.


Short & Sweet welcomes personalized requests. Cupcakes can be ordered singly, by half dozen or full dozen and can be made “jumbo” sized or “mini” to your liking. Cake customization is also on the menu and can be made to suit any occasion, formal or casual.


TorEats rates Short & Sweet:

Food: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Atmosphere: 10/10

Price: $$

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