Wake & Bake

Sophisticated yet sinfully decadent. None other than Simmy Jassal, the talent behind Wake & Bake pastries, perfects individually packaged varieties of velvety dessert mousse. Simmy has had immaculate training in French baking in none other than France itself and has perfected the art of making mousse. With an Indian background, she managed to maintain the traditions of French technique while incorporating aspects of Indian flavour.


We were fortunate enough to try the delicate white chocolate and mango mousse but nothing quite beat the luscious chocolate. This delectable 52% dark chocolate mousse was coated with glistening ganache and sat atop a moist chocolate sponge that perfectly complemented the richness of the mousse. This almost (but not quite) sinful chocolate treat provides a silky mouth feel that perfectly coats every inch of your mouth with rich, chocolaty goodness.


The mango mousse hinted at Simmy Jassal’s Indian background with minimal tartness and robust flavour. The fusion of a traditional French pastry with the bold colours and flavours of India was unique and captivating to the pallet. Perfect for almost any occasion, the packaging allows for the ideal party favour or addition to any dessert table at events ranging from intimate dinners to grand celebrations for the idyllic sweet treat in the perfect portion. Whether it’s these adorable mousse cups or immaculately detailed custom cakes and pastries that are offered as well, Wake & Bake is definitely a TorEats go-to for any occasion.

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