Restaurant Review: Figures

We recently had the opportunity to check out Figures, a new and fun dining destination in Yorkville (at Avenue and Davenport).

From the second we walked into Figures, we were transported to another place, our childhood. Strips of vintage comic book strips coated the walls and comic book memorabilia was carefully displayed in the entrance. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that this was a comic book store. Soon after, we were escorted into the restaurant where one wall was playfully decorated using a comic book theme, a large picture of Barbie took over another wall and Pac-man characters were on the ceiling.


Our experience then took off with the cocktails, first we enjoyed the Bramble Bee Cocktail with came which came with a carefully placed, smoking cinnamon stick, giving off the most beautiful and warm aroma. Then we enjoyed the Hunter Cocktail, which had hints of matcha, a cocktail addition that we had yet to see on a cocktail list in Toronto.

After our round of drinks, we tried some of the dishes. Recommended by our server, we shared a few items. We had the fairy-tale eggplant and the beet salad, fresh tastes that were the perfect way to begin the meal.


Our next round of drinks delighted us; we chose the Rarely on Target cocktail that came with a stencil of the iconic Star Wars image, the Storm-Trooper on top and the Maleficent cocktail that arrived at our table with fire spewing out of a lime on top. What a treat.


Next we tried the lobster and the salmon. The presentation took us by surprise, as each dish was perfectly and expertly composed. We particularly loved the crab salad that accompanied the salmon with a fried egg on top that we cracked onto the salad. It reminded us of a different take on beef tartar and we were excited to try something new.

To finish the meal, we succumbed to our sweet tooth and ordered the beignets, a row of three delicious and airy fritters. One filled with nutella, the next with blood orange and the last with cinnamon sugar. We were delighted by our options. We then were told to order to chocolate dome where you break the shell of the chocolate dome with a spoon and are shown a gold-flake dusted brownie and little robot shaped chocolates. These figures tied in with the theme of the restaurant and were absolutely delicious, to say the least. We didn’t leave a single crumb.


As we were wrapping up, we noticed that a DJ came in and started spinning. The nightlife of this restaurant was clearly beginning and this was a Tuesday. This dinner space was entertaining, trendy and different than anywhere else that exists in Toronto and it is safe to say that we will be returning soon.

TorEats rates Figures:

Food: 8/10

Service: 10/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Price: $$$$

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